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"To leave the comfort of a predictable career in order to pursue a challenging dream, you've gotta be an Idiot" 

As chefs we have studied and worked all our professional lives in Western kitchens in Melbourne. When we decided to start our own restaurant and challenged ourselves to do modern Indian cuisine, most people told us we were Idiots. The name stuck!

...the 3 Idiots!


At 3 Idiots, our dishes are inspired by our families' homestyle recipes. Interestingly each of our parents are from different parts of India, and this influences our cooking style. We craft contemporary Indian dishes with Melbourne in mind by pairing traditional flavours with local elements. 


We like to keep our menu fresh, seasonal and the experience exciting. India presents variety and Melbourne matches it with top quality produce to try new and exciting dishes.

Our changing seasonal menu is inspired by favourites that span the length & breadth of India. We take pride in putting out food that will WOW you, both in presentation and flavours! Come try them with an open mind, you'll be surprised how much flavour we pack in each of them.

Mumbai on Plate..Melbourne in Mind

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